Geoprobe® Model 5400

Originally built by Geoprobe Systems in 1994. This unit was totally refurbished in January 2002 and again in 2012. This hydraulically powered probe unit can supply over 21,000 lbs of downward force and greater than 25,000 lbs of retraction force. The truck is equipped with a 100 gallon water tank and pressure washer for sufficient decontamination and rear work lights for times when working late or inside dark buildings. This unit is extensively used for collecting soil and groundwater samples, installing micro monitoring wells, soil vapor sampling, and well abandonments.


Geoprobe® Model 540MT

Purchased in November of 2002, this hydraulic probe unit performs the same functions as the larger probe machines. This mobile unit can be deployed in extremely hard to reach and narrow locations by means of rolling on its three wheels. This unit has a 2-inch ball hitch that allows us to pull the probe around the work site with a 6 x 6 off-road vehicle. When folded, the unit is less than 30 inches high. This unit is only 28-30 inches wide. The rear wheel can pivot 360 degrees to deliver the tightest turning radius possible. This unit features 54 inch stroke to accommodate 4 foot probe rods and uses the macro-core® soil sampler. The hydraulic power is supplied by a remote power unit that runs on propane, or 100 foot long hydraulic hoses can be used keeping the power unit in a more ventilated area. This unit works especially well inside buildings such as dry cleaners, machine shops, manufacturing facilities, and other areas where a truck-mounted rig cannot be used.


Geoprobe® Model 6620DT Tracked Mounted Probe

This is the newest addition to the direct push fleet at Probe Technologies. This 2006 Track Mounted unit was purchased in January 2018. The rig was completely refurbished by Rig Source, Inc., with new rubber tracks and new paint. The powerful rig can perform all direct push duties as well as turn 4.25” hollow stem augers to install up to 2 inch diameter monitoring wells.